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                              IDE Drive Problems


  Files larger than about 128K are corrupted when copied to or from an IDE
  hard drive. Solution: set MaxTransfer for every partition on the hard drive
  to 0x0001FE00, or 128K. Older IDE drives may even require setting
  MaxTransfer to 0x0000FFFF, or 64K. It's even possible that some newer
  drives may need a setting of 0x0000FE00. This problem is due to the way
  some IDE hard drives respond to requests for large blocks of data. (Note
  that MaxTransfer is *NOT* "maximum transfer rate," but rather "Maximum
  Transfer Size.")

  Some IDE drives may not be consistently ready on powerup; this can cause
  the A4000 to fail to boot. The machine may just sit there with the drive
  light on or off, or it may come up with the purple "Insert Floppy" screen.
  The Seagate ST3144A drives do this once in a while; you may hear a clicking
  as the drive does its self-test then decides it's not up to booting today.
  It may work after a reset, or may require a power-down to revive it. This
  problem may occur more often with a master-slave drive setup.

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