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  This document is Copyright  1996 by Warren Block.


  The Amiga 4000 Hardware Guide is freeware. It has been copyrighted to
  assure its availability to all. Fred Fish and the Aminet are explicitly
  allowed to include this document in CD-ROM or floppy compilations. Others
  should contact the Editor.


  Working on computer hardware can be dangerous, both to the computer and to
  yourself. If you are not a qualified technician, please do not attempt to
  perform any of these procedures yourself. Neither myself nor any of the
  people listed in the Credits make any claim that any of these tips actually
  work. In fact, they will probably destroy your computer or your self-
  confidence. Neither is any claim made that any of the information presented
  here is error-free, so if you do attempt any of these modifications or
  fixes and damage yourself or the computer, neither myself nor any of the
  persons listed in the Credits section will be held responsible.

  Introduction From The Editor

  The Amiga 4000 Hardware Guide was compiled from online messages posted by
  many different folks, various hints and tips I've collected elsewhere, and
  from my own experiences with the 4000, so it is by no means complete.
  Corrections or additions are welcomed.

  The purpose of the guide is to help make A4000 troubleshooting easier by
  gathering all kinds of Amiga 4000 hardware information into a single,
  easy-to-use guide file.

  This guide is specifically for the Amiga 4000; however, at the prompting of
  several other individuals, I've compiled a short A1200 hardware FAQ to
  address those same old questions I see popping up in c.s.a.hardware all the
  time. Both are available in the hard/misc directory of Aminet.

  All of the people who have contributed are listed under Credits. I can't
  thank them enough! At this point in time, information of this type can be
  very valuable in keeping A4000 systems alive and running, and they have
  been gracious enough to freely share this information with everyone.

  Comments on this document should be addressed to the Editor.

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