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                         Multifacecard III Reference
                               by Thomas Huber


  The MultiFaceCard III (MFC) is a Zorro-2 card providing 2 extra serial
  ports and 1 extra parallel port.

  The buffered serial ports of the MFC are superior to the A4000's stock
  serial port, as RTS/CTS-handshake is done by the hardware itself. This
  makes high-speed transfers more reliable and reduces the CPU load, making
  the Amiga more useable during the transfers. (Editor's note: the MFC card
  uses the 68681 serial UART, which has a three-byte FIFO buffer.)

  The parallel port is capable of higher speeds than the stock A4000 parallel
  port. As this port is bidirectional, it can be used with a special version
  of ParNet found on the install disk.

  There's no ROM or EPROM on the card, and thus no drivers that autoconfig.
  You have to run the MFC program which provides the "duart.device" for the
  serial ports and the "pit.device" for the parallel port.

  See also: MultiFace and FastLane Problems

  Board Layout
                                 | Ser0 ::::::::                |
                                 |                              |
                                 |                              |
  _______________________________| Ser1 ::::::::                |# Serial
 |                                                              |# Port 0
 |                                                              |# (DB9)
 |                                                              |
 |               :JP                                            |#
 |                                                              |# Parallel
 |                                                              |# (DB25)
 |                                                              |#
 |                                                              |#
  |||||||||||||||||||||||||||                                   |


    JP: Board Disable
      On: Disable MFC
     Off: Enable MFC


    Ser0: Serial Port 0 (External DB9) (Standard PC 9-pin serial port.)
      Pin 1: DCD
      Pin 2: RXD
      Pin 3: TXD
      Pin 4: DTR
      Pin 5: Ground
      Pin 6: DSR
      Pin 7: RTS
      Pin 8: CTS
      Pin 9: RI

    Ser0, Ser1 (External DB25 connected to internal 26-pin header)
       Pin 1: Shield Ground
       Pin 2: TXD
       Pin 3: RXD
       Pin 4: RTS
       Pin 5: CTS
       Pin 6: DSR
       Pin 7: Data Ground
       Pin 8: DCD
       Pin 9: +12V  (Probably current-limited to about 20 mA.)
      Pin 10: -12V  (Probably current-limited to about 20 mA.)
      Pin 11: NC?   (Stock A4000 serial: Amiga Audio Out (Left))
      Pin 12: SI    (Stock A4000 serial: Unused)
      Pin 13: NC?
      Pin 14: NC?
      Pin 15: NC?
      Pin 16: NC?
      Pin 17: NC?
      Pin 18: NC?  (Stock A4000 serial: Amiga Audio In (Right))
      Pin 19: NC?
      Pin 20: DTR
      Pin 21: NC?
      Pin 22: RI
      Pin 23: NC?
      Pin 24: NC?
      Pin 25: NC?

      The internal Ser0 connector can be used instead of the external DB9
      if signals not present on the DB9 connector are needed.

  Parallel (DB25 compatible with standard A4000 parallel port.)
    Parallel Port Pin-Outs

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