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                              Processor Cooling


  A company called PC Power & Cooling makes a stick-on cooling fan for the
  486 and Pentium processors that just happens to fit the 68040 perfectly.
  The fan uses a stick-on backing to attach to the chip, so you don't have to
  mess with little clips or spring wires. It spins on ball bearings instead
  of a bushing, so life expectancy is claimed to be 50,000 hours instead of
  the ordinary bushing fan's 5000 hours. A disk-drive power connector powers
  the fan. Finally, it's only .6 inches high, no more than the heat sink that
  comes with the A3640 processor board. PC Power & Cooling calls it by
  several names; the best one to use is the "PENTA-COOL 54" for the 90 MHz
  Pentium or the "CPU-COOL 1.9."

  Some earlier versions of the fan had "corners" cast into the aluminum heat
  sink to better fit the 486; these versions don't fit the 68040 without
  modification, so ask for either of the versions above, or make sure they
  know that the one you're purchasing must be of the flat variety.

  In the United States, you can usually save a few dollars by ordering these
  fans from large mail-order companies like PC Connection, but please make
  sure of the model and brand first.

  PC Power & Cooling
  5995 Avenida Encinas
  Carlsbad  CA  92008
  (800) 722-6555
  (619) 931-6988 Fax

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