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1. Excite Search: twice the power of the competition.
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Info Highway

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Welcome to the Internet Address Finder (IAF), the Internet's fastest and most convenient white pages service. Add your listing today so that your friends, family, and colleagues can keep in touch with you.

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    Amiga Related Searchers


    Agnes' Recommended Amiga Searching Options

    Amiga Web Sites on the Net
    "I'll search our database of over one thousand,
    content-rich, Amiga-oriented Web sites."

    Terms: Case:
    Amiga Report Magazine
    "I'll look in all of the articles from Amiga
    Report Magazine released in 1995 and 1996.
    This takes me a little extra time, please be patient!"

    Terms: Case:

    Terms: Case:
    Amiga News
    "Allow me to peruse the full-text archives of all Amiga
    News items ever presented in the Amiga Web Directory."

    Terms: Case:
    Amiga Product Reviews
    "I can even hunt down postings from the full-text
    archives of all Amiga product reviews from Aminet for you."

    Terms: Case:
    CUCUG Status Register Newsletter
    "Let me check through my stack of CUCUG
    Status Register newsletters for articles
    from 1995 and 1996."

    Terms: Case:
    The Entire Amiga Web Directory Site
    "You can ask me to search everything from
    the entire Amiga Web Directory site. It's a huge pile
    of stuff to go through, so please allow me a few minutes of
    extra time, okay?"

    Terms: Case:


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