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              Idek Iiyama Vision Master 17 (MF-8617) Reference


  This is a fairly popular monitor for use with the Amiga, since it is a high
  quality, relatively inexpensive 17-inch monitor that can sync down to about
  23.5 kHz, and therefore works with most (all?) AGA "double" screenmodes. All
  presets and controls are digital, set through three front-panel buttons and
  an LCD display.  The image can easily be expanded to fill the screen in all
  modes. (See Boards/A2320 'Amber' Reference for information on the A2320
  'Amber' board that may be used with this monitor.)


      Sync Frequency: 23.5 kHz to 86.0 kHz Horizontal
                      50 Hz to 120 Hz Vertical

          Resolution: Maximum 1280 x 1024 at 80 Hz

    Input Connectors: Five BNC connectors and one DB15 (not high density)
                      (A cable is included to connect a HDD15 VGA-type
                      connector to the DB15 connector on the monitor.)



         Pin 1: Red
         Pin 2: Red Ground
         Pin 3: Green
         Pin 4: Green Ground
         Pin 5: Blue
         Pin 6: Blue Ground
         Pin 7: Ground
         Pin 8: NC
         Pin 9: NC
        Pin 10: NC
        Pin 11: NC
        Pin 12: NC
        Pin 13: NC
        Pin 14: Horizontal or HV Sync
        Pin 15: Vertical Sync

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