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                 Mitsubishi DiamondScan AUM-1381A Reference


  The DiamondScan is one of the few VGA-type multisync monitors that has a
  composite video input, and that made it relatively common for use on the
  Amiga (although I believe that Mitsubishi no longer makes this model). The
  official scan rates cover the range from 15.6 kHz to 36 kHz, so the
  DiamondScan should work with all normal Amiga video modes. User controls
  are standard knobs and buttons, and there are no digital memory features,
  so using it with the Amiga means that you have to juggle the monitor's
  picture location settings along with the Amiga overscan and screen position
  settings. The DiamondScan works fine with the Amber board (see Boards/
  A2320 'Amber' Reference).

  One feature of the DiamondScan is particularly applicable to the video
  production uses of the Amiga: the "Composite/RGB Select" (pin 22) on the
  DB25 input. Connect this pin through a switch to ground, and then a flip of
  the switch will select composite video or analog RGB display without
  reaching for the switches on the back of the monitor.


      Sync Frequency: 15.6 kHz to 36 kHz Horizontal
                      45 Hz to 90 Hz Vertical

          Resolution: Maximum 800 x 560 (Rated...normally considered
                                         to be an 800x600 monitor.)

    Input Connectors: BNC (Composite Video)
                      DB9 (EGA/CGA/Mono TTL) (DB9-to-DB9 cable was included.)
                      DB25 (Analog RGB)


      DB9: (For TTL 16-Color CGA)

        Pin 1: Ground
        Pin 2: Unused
        Pin 3: Red Video
        Pin 4: Green Video
        Pin 5: Blue Video
        Pin 6: Intensity
        Pin 7: Unused
        Pin 8: Horizontal Sync
        Pin 9: Vertical Sync

      DB9: (For TTL 64-Color EGA)

        Pin 1: Ground
        Pin 2: Secondary Red Video
        Pin 3: Primary Red Video
        Pin 4: Primary Green Video
        Pin 5: Primary Blue Video
        Pin 6: Secondary Green Video/Intensity
        Pin 7: Secondary Blue Video
        Pin 8: Horizontal Sync
        Pin 9: Vertical Sync

      DB9: (For TTL Mono)

        Pin 1: Ground
        Pin 2: Unused
        Pin 3: Unused
        Pin 4: Unused
        Pin 5: Unused
        Pin 6: High Intensity
        Pin 7: Video
        Pin 8: Horizontal Sync
        Pin 9: Vertical Sync


         Pin 1: Sync Ground
         Pin 2: Red Video
         Pin 3: Red Video Ground
         Pin 4: Green Video
         Pin 5: Green Video Ground
         Pin 6: Superimpose Control (YS)
         Pin 7: Superimpose Ground
         Pin 8: Video Input Select (AV)
         Pin 9: Composite Video Input
        Pin 10: Composite Video Ground
        Pin 11: Composite Video Out
        Pin 12: Composite Video Ground
        Pin 13: PGA Mode Control
        Pin 14: Blue Video
        Pin 15: Blue Video Ground
        Pin 16: Horizontal/Composite Sync
        Pin 17: Vertical Sync
        Pin 18: Unused
        Pin 19: Unused
        Pin 20: Unused
        Pin 21: INT (+5V ???)
        Pin 22: Composite/RGB Select (TTL level: Low for RGB, high
                                      or open for composite.)
        Pin 23: Analog/TTL Select (TTL level: Low for TTL, high
                                   or open for analog.)
        Pin 24: Remote (TTL level: Low to disable Mode Switch.)
        Pin 25: Shield Ground

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