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                              NEC 3D Reference


  The NEC 3D is a popular monitor for use with the Amiga. I've never had one,
  so the following information is somewhat sparse (submissions are welcome).

  A common complaint is that it is impossible to adjust the picture width to
  fully eliminate the large black borders on the left and right of the image.


      Sync Frequency: 15.5 kHz to 38 kHz Horizontal
                      50 Hz to 90 Hz Vertical

           Dot Pitch: 0.28mm Trio

          Resolution: 1024 Horizontal
                       768 Vertical (Interlaced)

    Input Connectors: DB9 or HDD15 (maybe earlier models had the DB9)

    Pin-Outs (HDD15 Analog RGB)
         Pin 1: Red Video
         Pin 2: Green Video
         Pin 3: Blue Video
         Pin 4: Ground
         Pin 5: Ground
         Pin 6: Red Ground
         Pin 7: Green Ground
         Pin 8: Blue Ground
         Pin 9: Unused
        Pin 10: Ground
        Pin 11: Ground
        Pin 12: Unused
        Pin 13: Horizontal Sync
        Pin 14: Vertical Sync
        Pin 15: Unused

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