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                             Sources For Components


  Opinions in this section are strictly those of the Editor.
  This list includes sources for suppliers of parts and accessories like
  cables and connectors. Suggestions:

  * For general or custom cables and connectors: Dalco or Redmond Cable.
  * For general board-level parts (not custom Amiga): Digi-Key and JDR.
  * For custom Amiga parts: Unknown at this point. Suggestions welcome!


                          Altex Electronics
                          Benetech Electronic Supply
                          Chip Merchant
                          Dalco Electronics
                          Digi-Key Corporation
                          Hosfelt Electronics
                          JameCo Electronic Components
                          JDR Microdevices
                          Marlin P. Jones & Associates
                          MCM Electronics
                          Memory World
                          Parts Express
                          Redmond Cable

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