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                        What's New With This Version


  Several kind people have submitted new reference sections for boards and
  other information previously not covered. You'll notice that these new
  sections have a byline for the author. As before, sections without a byline
  can only be blamed on your humble Editor.

New Sections

  A2065 Reference                    Reference for the A2065 Ethernet board.
  A4091 Reference                    Reference for the A4091 SCSI controller.
  Benetech Electronic Supply         A source for DB23 connectors and parts.
  Card Guide Problems                Possible problem with A4000T expansion.
  DKB 3128 Reference                 Reference for the DKB 3128 RAM board.
  Expansion Cards Not Recognized     More common problems.
  FastLane Reference                 Reference for the FastLane controller.
  Floppy Drive Cable Problems        Problems with internal floppy cables.
  Hydra Reference                    Reference for the Hydra Ethernet board.
  Memory SIMM Problems               More common problems.
  MultiFace and FastLane Problems    Using the MultiFace III and FastLane together.
  MultiFaceCard III Reference        Reference for the MultiFaceCard III.
  NEC 3D Reference                   Reference for the NEC 3D monitor.
  Power Supply Pin-Outs              More pin-out definitions.
  Retina Z2 Reference                Reference for the Retina Z2 graphics board.
  Speeding Up IDE Boot-Up            IDE hardware patch.

Enhanced Or Revised Sections

  1084 Reference
  1940/1942 Reference
  1950 Reference
  1960 Reference
  A2091 Reference
  A2320 Reference
  A3640 Reference
  Common Questions
  Dead Machine Problems
  Emplant Reference
  IDE Drive Problems
  Internal IDE Hard Disk Connector Pin-Outs
  Motherboard Jumpers
  Oktagon Reference
  Power-Up Self Test
  Redmond Cable
  SCSI Examples
  SCSI Pin-Outs
  SCSI Reselect Problems
  VGA Monitor Pin-Outs
  Warp Engine Reference

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